The bitter taste comes from residues of saponin on the surface of the quinoa grains. If you notice a bitter taste, rinse the quinoa in plenty of water before cooking.

Quinoa seeds may have residues of saponin which do not have any harmful effects on the body but can give the quinoa a bad taste if the seeds are not rinsed. Our quinoa does not need to be pre-washed as the saponins have already been removed through a delicate process of pearling.

Yes! Quinoa flour has the same nutritional properties as the grain.

Yes! Quinoa is gluten free. In combination with other gluten-free ingredients, quinoa can be used to create fantastic gluten-free meals

Yes! Quinoa is an excellent food for diabetics. It contains complex carbohydrates (starch, fibre) that are digested slowly so avoiding blood-sugar spikes and thus maintaining insulin at appropriate levels, especially in patients with type II diabetes.

Our quinoa cooks perfectly in 3 minutes unlike imported quinoa which usually takes 10-15 min. This is due to our delicate grain pearling process that facilitates the absorption of water by the quinoa grains during cooking.